About Us

X Tyres is the next-generation portal and application for selling and purchasing automotive tyres and products.
Avoid the unncessary trips to shops, dealers etc. by finding everything you will need at the tip
of finger in the comfort of your home.

X Tyres - The App The application will be used in the mobile phone platform and cater specifically to M-commerce. It will cater to the consumers and businesses and serve as a hand held access tool to the tyre and automotive product marketplace both retail and wholesale. The application and the website are smooth flowing, easy to use and extremely user friendly totally GUI based and WYSIWYG. X Tyres makes your buying and selling experience an absolute delight.

X Tyres - The Portal The Portal covers the eCommerce spectrum and offers interactivity on the Web supported by app on Mobile. A larger screen, HD Images, Great Content and Offers make the portal reach out to B2B and B2C Markets creating a never before access to the Tyre Marketplace along with Automobile Accessories.

Say Yes to X Tyres.com X Tyres covers a massive range of automotive products and allows you to easily search and get what you want thanks to it's extensive and Detailed Category System. The high-quality product images and prices that are easily accessable make your decision making process faster and easier. A B2C and B2B paradise for everything CAR.